• Additional staff members have tested positive COVID
  • All units still allowing visitation under CMS guidance
  • Indoor Group Activities remain postpone

Over the past 2 days we have had additional staff test positive for COVID 19 as the virus continues to increase in our community and the tri-state area.  We currently have a total of 11 staff out of work due to COVID 19.  The units involved among these staff are 600 and 700 of the Hamilton Terrace building as well as West 2 and East 3 of the Dalton Place building.  Our Food and Nutrition Department and Business Office have also been affected.

All CDC and CMS infection control and testing guidelines are being followed in an effort to protect all staff and residents.  Each resident and staff member on the nursing units in the buildings listed above and staff in the Food and Nutrition department and the Business Office have been tested and are now placed under a 14 day observation period.  None of the additional testing thus far has resulted in COVID 19 positive results.

Visitation on each of the nursing units is still allowed to continue as long as each visitor is appropriately screened at our front gate and then wears a mask, keeps socially distanced during the visit, and follows hand hygiene protocols.

Should any of our ongoing testing during the 14 day observation produce another covid positive result, the family of any covid positive resident will be contacted right away, and all families will be notified of changes to the observation period.

If you have any questions concerning these matters, you can contact the Unit Managers or Social Workers of your loved one’s unit using our number 423-490-1599 and asking for them by name.

Currently all of our nursing units in both the Dalton Place building and the Hamilton Terrace building are allowing visitation.  The only exceptions at this time are any newly admitted residents who are unvaccinated.  They must first complete a 14 day isolation period prior to any visitation.  If your loved one is newly admitted, you can contact their social worker or unit manager to confirm the date isolation will be completed.

Otherwise, all visitors of residents in both the Dalton Place and the Hamilton Terrace buildings are welcome and are to follow these guidelines when visiting:

  • By CDC guidance that CMS requires we follow, visitors inside the buildings are to be masked.  Because not all patients are vaccinated, visitors and patients wishing to visit without masks are to conduct their visit outdoors.  Visitors may also be required to wear additional personal protective equipment that we will supply while in the room visiting a resident depending on the status of the unit and the status of the resident. Keep in mind that our patients are at our center because their health is already compromised.  Let’s join together in helping keep them safe while inside!  Afterhours visits can be provided by contacting your loved one’s social worker.

Also, Indoor Group Activities remain postpone at this time due to the high positivity rate Hamilton County which is above 10%.  Once the county the rate goes back below 10% for two weeks, we will be able to allow Indoor Group Activities again.


Thanks for your understanding!


Dave Boozer, Administrator