Fall Prevention Program

web_falls_croppedThe Health Center at Standifer Place takes the safety of our residents very seriously and the prevention of falls is a primary focus.  Under the direction of our Falls Prevention Coordinator, our program endeavors to identify residents who are at risk for falls. All residents are evaluated upon admission and on an ongoing basis for their risk factors. Based on identified risk factors certain interventions are put into place to help prevent a fall.

Those residents who are at the greatest risk for a fall can reside on a wing equipped with a pager system that is designed to alert staff when a resident is attempting an activity that is unsafe. Staff members on this wing carry special pagers that can inform them of a specific resident who may be in a compromised position and at risk of falling. Staff can then intervene to assist with fall prevention. This unit is also equipped with a closed circuit monitor system at the nurses station where a nurse has the capability to view several common areas throughout the unit on one screen.

Since adding this technology and implementing a comprehensive falls prevention program, we have successfully reduced falls by approximately 20%.  As we continue to refine this program we anticipate even  greater results.  It should be noted though that falls can still occur even with the best systems and technology, but it is our goal to reduce this likelyhood to as low as possible while still allowing residents their right to independence.