Medicaid Application Assistance

What is Medicaid?

If a resident is approved for nursing home Medicaid, his/her outlay is based on personal income. This amount is determined by the Department of Human Services (DHS).

The State Medicaid plan pays for the following:

  • Room and Board
  • Specialized rehabilitation services
  • Basic personal laundry services
  • Payment to hold bed up to ten days when patient is discharged to the hospital


Services not paid for under the state plan include:

  • Private room accommodations
  • Medicaid Application Assistance

Nursing home Medicaid requires both a financial and medical approval. Financial requirements are assessed by Hamilton County DHS on an individual basis. Because the application process can sometimes be complicated, HCSP provides employees an in-house Medicaid specialists to assist you with the process.  Listed below are some of the minimum financial eligibility requirements.

  1. Monthly income (SSA, VA, pension, etc.) must be less than $2,382.
  2. Resources (assets) (stocks, bonds, investments, life insurance policies, bank accounts, etc.) cannot total more than $2,000.
  3. A home with or without property is considered an asset that can be liquidated and used to pay for.
  4. A five year look-back period will be conducted to identify sold/transferred assets that could be considered a resource.