Standifer Place COVID-19 Status
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This has been a long path to walk together, and our Standifer Place team of partners (employees) have done a great job during the pandemic. Thanks to all our families, friends who have been so understanding, shared kind words of encouragement, and above all have shown great patience.  To see our current visitation plans and status, click here.  For total testing and cases information at Standifer Place, continue reading below.

Below is presented information on the current status of Standifer Place concerning COVID-19 testing and cases as Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) now requires. This includes confirmed COVID-19 infections, and whenever 3 or more residents or staff with new onset of respiratory symptoms within 72 hours of each other are under investigation. Please check out the notification dashboard below.

We report all COVID-19 positive cases of residents and partners (employees) directly to the local and state departments of health. Active COVID-19 positive residents are placed in an isolated unit with dedicated team members equipped with proper personal protective equipment. Our infection control protocols meet Center for Disease Control (CDC) and CMS requirements. As well, we abide by CDC guidelines in handling positive COVID-19 partners (employees).

In all our patient care areas, we will continue to follow infection control guidelines from the CDC and CMS, including proper hand-washing techniques, extensive environmental services, social distancing, and wearing appropriate personal protective equipment. We will follow our standard procedures and notify you if your loved one has a change in condition. We continue to screen employees for each shift and actively take temperatures. We also follow all residents daily for any signs or symptoms and actively take temperatures.

As you are likely aware, visitation in nursing homes and assisted living facilities across the nation is restricted by CMS. In Tennessee, Governor Lee has also mandated restricted visitation. Both CMS and Gov. Lee have also provided some guidance to gradually lift these restrictions. However, we do not meet these criteria nor does Hamilton County. We are prepared to begin to gradually lift these restrictions at the time we make appropriate progress relative to the number of new cases of COVID-19. We look forward to that day!

Here are some key items the Governor shared as prerequisites prior to considering limited visitation:

  • Testing of all staff and residents at least once, and compliance with applicable regulations regarding weekly staff re-testing
  • No new COVID-19 case in patients or staff members in the previous 28 days
  • Compliant with Board for Licensing Health Care Facilities regulations and infection control guidelines
  • Overall stability of the disease burden present in the community where the facility is located.

We have been weekly testing staff since June 2020. We have had positive COVID-19 cases during this time for a few staff and residents as the numbers on our dashboard show below. Our visitation plan will not be able to begin until we have no positive test results and our community stability with COVID-19 meets state requirements.

We anticipate the state guidance will require the below:

  • scheduling appointments with limited duration
  • limitations on the number of visitors per patient
  • limitations on the total number of visitors to our center
  • if a center receives a positive confirmation, then limited visitation will be suspended until the time requirement per the state has completed.

Once we verify all the logistics and new processes needed for these requirements, we will email you and update the center website to keep you updated on the start date.

Our Dashboard

This notification dashboard reflects the data as of midnight the prior day. It’s updated by 5:00 pm the next day after results are received.

Dashboard Reporting Categories

Total Number of COVID-19 cases refers to the total number of employees and residents that are (or were) a confirmed COVID-19 case. With each resident confirmed COVID-19 case, we notify the resident and their family representative of the matter, their condition, and our plan of care.

Total Number of Recoveries refers to the number of employees and residents who had tested positive and who have now recovered from COVID-19.

Current Number of Active cases refers to the number of residents and employees who tested positive but are not yet recovered.

Total tests refers to the total number of COVID-19 tests conducted during the 2020 pandemic of Standifer Place employees and residents.

Total negative tests refers to the total number of tests conducted on both employees (including all weekly tests) and residents that have returned negative results.

Days since a positive test result refers to the total number of days that have elapsed since we have received a positive COVID-19 test result for any employee or resident.