Respiratory Therapy

web_341_RTThe Health Center at Standifer Place has a specialized respiratory rehabilitation unit with registered respiratory therapists on-site at all times. The goal of our respiratory therapy program is to maximize respiratory function for residents with lung disorders. As an added benefit we provide free training for residents and families on specialized respiratory equipment and procedures for residents that discharge home.

Residents with respiratory disorders know the anxiety that accompanies breathing difficulties. With respiratory therapists available 24 hours a day, our respiratory unit helps alleviate this anxiety for individuals knowing someone is there “just in case”. The low therapist-to-resident ratio allows our specialized staff to provide individualized care for optimal results. Our respiratory team can treat residents with ventilators and tracheotomies as well as residents with pulmonary disease requiring endurance conditioning and rehabilitation.

Our respiratory unit utilizes modern equipment and provides all advanced modes of ventilation support. Services include:

  • Continuous pulse oximetry and ETCO2 monitoring
  • Redundant, external alarm systems for maximum patient monitoring
  • Piped medical gasses and suction

Our admission criteria have been developed according to the American College of Chest Physicians guidelines. Prospective admissions are reviewed prior to transfer to create a seamless continuum of care and provide a safe, smooth transition from other facilities.

For those who pre-qualify, these in-patient respiratory services are covered by Medicare part A and most insurance providers. This allows a window of opportunity to provide specialized care without taxing the resident’s lifetime hospital benefits.