Speech Therapy

st_web_sizeSpeech and language therapy benefits people of all ages through individualized treatment regimens that are designed to improve communication, word finding, and swallowing. Speech therapy(ST) also stimulates cognition, memory, attention, and orientation.  ST can also help improve oral motor-function and speech clarity. Residents with TBI (traumatic brain injuries), CVA (stroke), pneumonia, and other neurological disorders commonly receive speech therapy.

Vital Stim treatment is a relatively new technique which improves swallowing function. Vital Stim is the only neuromuscular electrical stimulation approved by the FDA to treat swallowing disorders. The Health Center at Standifer Place is one of only a handfull of locations that has Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) trained and certified in the use of Vital Stim therapy.  Vital Stim is an amazing technology that has been proven effective through numerous independent studies.