09-02-2022: Safe Visitation Update

  • Current total of 19 positive residents and 10 staff with COVID
  • All units still allowing visitation under CMS guidance; however, Standifer Place recommends and requests no visits with East 3 residents at this time.

Through our testing protocols and procedures, we have a total of 19 residents who are positive for Covid-19.  They are all from the East 3 unit of the Dalton building.  Each of the families of these residents have been contacted and made aware of their positive test results.  These residents have been isolated and will remain so until the virus has past and negative test results are achieved.  Staff caring for these residents are following CMS and CDC protocols in an effort to help prevent any cross contamination.  No residents in the Hamilton Terrace building have tested positive or shown signs or symptoms.  We currently have a total of 10 staff members that are out due to testing positive for COVID-19.  They will remain out until they have completed the required protocols to be safe to return to work.

Be aware that the East 3 unit is placed under an observation period which includes ongoing testing of all staff and all residents.  Visitation is still allowed to continue as long as each visitor follows infection control protocols and no further outbreak occurs.  However, Standifer Place is requesting that families and friends of East 3 residents postpone visiting at this time until an urgent matter is present that warrant compassionate care visits.  Contact the unit manager or social worker if you have questions.  Otherwise, please wait for our next update on Tuesday or Wednesday, September 6th or 7th.

We encourage all visitors to join our staff in following infection control protocols including wearing masks and sanitizing hands.  Your keeping socially distanced as much as possible during your visit is highly encouraged as well.

If you have any questions concerning these matters, you can contact the Unit Manager or Social Worker.  You can reach us using our number 423-490-1599.

Thank you for allowing us to care for you and/or a loved one of yours who is here at Standifer Place.



Dave Boozer, Administrator