06-13-2022 Safe Visitation Update

  • 3 staff positive for COVID
  • All units still allowing visitation under CMS guidance
  • Indoor Group Activities continue

Thankfully, the resident on our 900 unit has completed the isolation period and is no longer covid positive!

We remain with 3 staff members that are off the schedule due to COVID positive test results.  They will remain off the schedule until they have completed the necessary isolation period and no longer show symptoms.

Visitation on each of the nursing units is still allowed with visitors properly self screening at the entrance of either building.  All visitors are to follow these guidelines when visiting:

  • By CDC guidance that CMS requires we follow, visitors inside the buildings are to be masked.  Because not all patients are vaccinated, visitors and patients wishing to visit without masks are to conduct their visit outdoors.  Visitors may also be required to wear additional personal protective equipment that we will supply while in the room visiting a resident depending on the status of the unit and the status of the resident. Keep in mind that our patients are at our center because their health is already compromised.  Let’s join together in helping keep them safe while inside!  Afterhours visits can be provided by contacting your loved one’s social worker.

Indoor Group Activities are continuing with infection control measures in place that includes small size groups, plenty of distancing, and mask wearing.

Feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns.


Dave Boozer, Administrator