Making plans for Group Activities and Visitation!

We’re so glad to see the positivity rate in the community come down from a high of over 20% to 10.1% in Hamilton County as of reporting by the Tennessee Dept of Health dated 02-14-2021!  This along with our having completed our 2nd vaccination clinic on February 5th has us hoping that as of March 1st we might begin some of our Group Activities and begin allowing visitors on campus for outdoor visitation and possibly indoor visitation as well!

The 2 factors that we must meet by that time are:

  • Positivity rate in the community must be below 10%
  • Standifer Place must have gone 14 days without any new COVID-19 cases (among either staff or residents)

We’re optimistically moving ahead thinking we have a good shot at meeting both those criteria by March 1st.  If we do, we’ll begin the following on that date:

  • Re-introducing some of our favorite Group Activities such as Communal Dining, Bingo, and Church Services.
  • Scheduled visitation for families here at the facility, perhaps 40 family members per day. We hope to be able to provide 15 minute COVID tests to help ensure safe visitation.

Further updates will be coming here on our website, and we’ll reach out by phone as well.  Please keep yourselves safe by continuing to wear your mask, wash your hands, and keep your distances even as the light at the end of this tunnel gets brighter.  Your helping keep the rate down in the community has a big impact for us all!

Dave Boozer, Administrator